My Hero

Perhaps CJ and I just need a little bit of wildness in our lives, to spice things up even more these days! Who knows!

Last night, CJ and I were sitting in the livingroom watching one of the years most riveting movies, Spellbound, when all of sudden we heard SMACK, SMACK and then SMACK again.

Immediately we knew something was up. CJ quickly got his keys and the cell phone and in his sleep pants and “bedroom slippers,” he went outside to see what was going on.

Watching nervously from the door, I saw CJ look at our both of cars and then at me. Each car had the driver side mirrors smashed. He signaled me that he was going to see if he could find the culprits.

Quickly I called 911 and reported the incident, while CJ drove away. Within minutes, CJ had found the kids and began trailing them. Apparently they were in for a night of fun, as they traveled down the street hitting each car with some sort of gadget.

At some point they must have realized that someone was following them. So they turned a corner and disposed of the incriminating evidence in a neigbors front yard. Then they went to a convenient store and stored their bikes in a van, driving off with their mom. We still don’t know why she was there.

Meanwhile, I had 911 contact CJ on the cell phone. They sent out several police cars to track down the “situation.” Through the 911 operator and CJ the police found, CJ and the vandalizing kids.

The kids fessed up to the crime after CJ told the police to look in the back of the van for their bikes and in the neighbors front yard for the device used, a magnum light. Thankfully, their mom has agreed to pay for all the cars that were vandalized.

CJ, is my hero! The police actually said that my husband did all the work for them!

I praise the Lord today, for my husbands swift actions, safety over him, and for a quick vindication.


  1. I am SO glad that CJ is safe and that those kids are not getting away with what they were calling "fun"! PTL that your cars will be fixed.

  2. Go CJ, Go CJ! WooHoo! Go CJ!

  3. Sounds like maybe CJ has a second career in store! What a way to liven up a Friday night :) And what was "Spellbound?" Is it any good? What's it about?! (Haven't seen any really good movies lately, except Invincible, but now that I'm an Eagles fan I HAVE to like that one!!)

  4. Hooray for the crimestopper CJ!

  5. sounds like quite a protector you have. husband and God! :)

  6. That would have been quite scary, thank goodness your DH was home! Hopefully the hoodlums will learn something (positive) out of this!

  7. Your husband sounds amazing! I am so glad to hear that everyone was safe and that the kids were stopped from doing further damage.

    When I hear of something like this happening (or something out of the blue strange happens to me) I always wonder if there is something more to it than just the mere incident itself? As soon as I read this...I thought maybe those kids need praying for. Maybe it was your house for a reason? I didn't respond right away, but I had the thought again as I read your new posts. Just a thought...maybe we all could be praying for these kids. There is power in prayer. Let's lift these kids up to the Lord and ask Him to make himself real to them and that they would come to know Him in a personal relationship.