Taking a Bloggy Fast

I am admitting one of my weaknesses to you. Blogging is a drug for me, in some ways. I love to write and I love to read. I especially enjoy reading about real people and their real lives.

However, lately, I have been choosing to spend more time on the internet reading about what is going on in YOUR world. I have chosen to spend my “extra” time (what little I have) perusing all the great blogs out there.

In doing so, I have been neglecting my first and only True Love, the Lord. And my faith is reflecting it. So, I need a little bloggy cleansing. I need to take a break. I need to get back into a real routine of spending time with Him. I need to put Him first again.

I know that God has called me to write. And I also, know that He has purpose and reason for me to blog. So, I will be back. But first things first, right? God has to be first and when He shows me that something is standing in between Him and I, its my responsibility to remove that object and put it in its proper place.

I have prayerfully chosen to take the next two weeks off from blogging. I need that special one on one time with my Daddy. And I have every intention of going after Him.

Blogging friends, Your world is fun and I enjoy it! And I especially want to comment back to all your good comments lately....like how to talk to a four year old about death, my faith being stretched, etc. But His world is eternal and I need it!

Believing that I am coming back refreshed and even more On Fire For Him!
See you in two weeks!

P.S. – when I return, I will officially have turned 3-0!!! Get out of town! I am about to enter my 30’s! I am so excited!


  1. Oh I hope we email still....I have news on my friend tomorrow...then I can post it....

  2. Last year our computer broke and I was without one for 9 months (we were waiting to buy with cash).

    The hardest part was the first few weeks then I didn't miss it as much. It is like with any thing that you try to get back in balance - it is hard in the beginning but worth it in the long run.

    Enjoy your journey - learn..grow..

    A few months ago we did buy the computer (with cash) and I slowly I started to find it occuping more and more of my time. After reading a post from another blogger (about the same issue you are referring to) I had the thought of picking a time of the day to allow myself computer time...allocate the time and then control myself not to turn it on until that time.

    I started shutting down the computer so I wasn't as tempted! I would even shut the door to the computer room if necessary! It took some self discipline and some "fasting" but I now have balance and only use the computer for about 30 minutes a day (and usually when the kids are napping). I feel like I have more balance and have the time each day to read His Word!!

    When you've been through a "fast" of any length or type - you learn that you can exercise self control and say no to the "flesh" - with God's help!

    I pray that God will use this time that He has prompted you to go through without blogging to do just that - SEEK HIM FIRST! You will be blessed for you obedience and I am sure that He wants to grow you and speak to you during this time.

    Enjoy your time with God and I look forward to hearing about it when you return!

  3. First things first indeed!
    Have a blessed two weeks with daddy!

  4. You, go girl - Stay "ON FIRE" for HIM!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! looking forwaard to hearing the thoughts He's given you when you return!

  6. Hope you had a wonderful break! And congrats on turning 30. I hit that milestone 3 years ago and have loved my 30s so far!