The American Dream vs. Living for Him

I have been chewing on a thought lately. It's about the American Dream versus Living For Him.

I am going to start with a disclaimer.... I don't know what I am fully talking about here. Infact, I am just working through this in my own head. And please hear me on this one, I am not complaining about my circumstances, one bit. I LOVE where we are at and what we are doing. And I am not pointing a finger at anyone elses lifestyle - at all!!!!

Phew.... I feel better getting that out first.

So, here goes. I know that God wants to prosper us. I believe it. Infact, I see it in my own life over and over again. We are blessed beyond measure. We have too much, I would say. When I narrow it down to what I am thankful for in my life, it comes down to warm homes, my kids and husband, food on the table, cars that work, the basics.

The American Dream is about having more then that, is it not? It's about having two cars, 2.5 kids, a huge home that you need to move out of for a bigger home in the next couple of years, a good job with regular increases or better yet an ability to "climb the ladder," health insurance, nice clothes, etc, etc, etc.... You get the picture. And truthfully we all know the American Dream all too well. It is what every American strives for. And every foreigner, looking to move to the good ole USA, is after. If you are interested in a better definition check out Wikipedia, here, to see what they say.

When CJ and I decided to move and go back to bible school, we made a serious decision that we did not want to live for the American Dream any more. We wanted to see our children grow up with a different perspective, a broader one, Living For Him. If we wanted to give that to our children then it meant that we, too, needed to change and learn about that.

We sold our house, alot of our belongings and then moved to North Carolina so that CJ and then hopefully me, could be more effectively trained in the bible. It was easy for me to give up the stuff. It was thrilling for me to, after selling our home, find ourselves, at 29 completely debt free. It was refreshing to look at everything we owned and work at getting ourselves down to basics. It still brings a smile to my face when the Lord shows me what we have in excess and who to give it too.

More of what I am working through is the comforts and security of what was the American Dream. There is comfort in knowing that a paycheck was coming in the door every two weeks. I had much security in knowing that when there was an illness or a pain in our bodies that if needed we could use our health insurance and go to the doctors. I loved the fact that we were putting money away each month into a 401K for our "future," our retirement.

Did you know that most countries don't even have a 401K or retirement system? Or how about health insurance, only in America is it so incredibly expensive to get your finger stitched if you cut it open. And money is money. The rest of the world doesn't have as much money as Americans do.
I am learning about my faith in Him. Do I trust Him enough to bring money in the door when it is needed? Especially as I see our savings dwindling away? Do I believe, enough in my Lord that He is going to heal me when sick or keep me from getting the flu? Have I fully given my entire future to the Lord, retirement and all?

It was easy giving up extra furniture and extra clothes. All the toys that go unplayed with needed to find new homes. But, no health insurance, the back pocket plan to when God doesn't heal me???? That is really stretching me.

Living For Him, is about faith. It is about going to Him for everything you need or even desire. And trusting that He is going to take care of us. It's about believing that He really does have a plan for our lives and that He is not going to waiver. Living for Him is knowing that, what happened 2000 years ago when Jesus was healing the blind and raising the dead, can happen today in MY life.

For me, it is time to give up more of that American Dream and just trust Him.

And that, my friends, is what I am chewing on these days.


  1. Some great meat to chew on!
    I so agree with your post. I desire less and less to aquire the American Dream and more to live for Him! We currently have health insurance but have gone seasons without it and don't you know that God provided...completely paying for the birth of our firstborn. I am no longer fearful of not having the health insurance, I would not even mind getting rid of it. Hubby is not there with me on that one.

  2. Weird, that last post was momteacherfriend not some Mrs with unknown profile...hmmm.
    This must be the work of beta blogger.

  3. Your post was thought provoking - thanks for sharing.

    After reading your post I prayed that I would not be "distracted" by what society tells me that I need. It's all things that will eventually leave us feeling need again once the novelty wears off. But how awesome it is when we are focused on HIM and filled by the only ONE who can give us true satisfaction! For ME...I've found myself in both arenas many times in my walk with God. I believe it is a daily yielding and decision on my part to seek the things that are not of this world and that hold "ETERNAL" value. When I am walking with this perspective...I am free to give anything, willing to serve, put others first, seek God with all my heart, pray without ceasing, see God's power...

    momteacherfriend pointed me to your post and I am so glad she did. I will be "chewing" on your post as well. Thanks for reminding me of the realities of the distractions that are out there. I have prayed that God will open my eyes to those distractions so I can "reject" them when they come flying my way!