He just Cracks me Up!

Within twenty four hours of writing this post, the Lord gave me a test. You heard me, a test. Let me explain.

We are still vacationing in PA, visiting our family and friends. Yesterday, after visiting with my old mom's group, I fed my kids and got them ready for nap time. As I was cleaning off two year old Z, I happened to feel his forehead. It was burning hot. After taking his temperature, I realized that this poor child was running a fever of a 102 degrees!!!

For a moment I was surprised. We gave him some ibuprofen, prayed over him, and then whisked him off to bed for his nap. When he awoke, he was doing well, but you could tell that he was still not feeling right. By the end of the evening, he was running a temperature of 103.4.
And then the bells went off! It was test taking time!

Somehow, I felt very prepared. I was ready to do battle. I told the Lord, that I was not going to call a doctor or worry or think about what ifs. Even though in my mind a bunch of "flaming arrows" were going off. (Maybe he has the flu, or a sinus infection, or pneumonia. Even the avian flu went through my brain - oh, the desperate attempts of the enemy...)

Instead we attacked back. My husband and I pulled out scripture, prayed in the spirit, and claimed health for Z. We asked the Lord to heal him from his fever.

While we were praying, I had joy inside. I knew that I had just put "light" to my thoughts, by writing my last post. I knew that I had confessed a fear and that God was testing me in it. And I KNEW that God was going to be the victor.

We got up this morning and Z was running a 99.9. Not perfect. But we prayed some more. And I felt relaxed knowing that He was finishing the work that was started.

By this afternoon, Z was running around without any sort of temp. He still has a runny nose and congestion.

But, praise the Lord, (and I really mean that) his fever is completely gone. I felt victorious. I knew that I had passed the "test!"

We prayed again this evening, asking God to heal Z the rest of the way. We asked Him to take care of the runny nose and congestion. I really believe that He is doing that, even now.


  1. WooHoo...Praise God!
    Let there be health in Jesus name!

  2. What an awesome God we serve! Thanks for setting an example of giving God the glory too - you are like "one of the ten" that came back to thank God after healing.

  3. YOU ARE VICTORIOUS!!!!!!! awesome story, testimony. thanks for sharing the process and outcome!