Succombing to my Peers

TCC, Thrills, and MIA, all did this test. Of course, I thought I would "follow the crowd" and play too. Really, who is influencing me??? My only surprise, was the outcome of the test!

What Reality TV Show Are You?
Your Result: Survivor

You are definitely the reality TV show "Survivor". It's a good thing you enjoy the beach because you would be spending a lot of time on one. And you are going to need those puzzle solving skills to win those tough challenges. You would make a great survivor!

Amazing Race
American Idol
The Bachelor
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  1. I would DEFINITELY watch Survivor if you were ever on it...and rooting for you too!!!

  2. If we could get past the eating gross thing, I would definetly enjoy Survivor. However, I would have guessed myself as an Amazing Race kind of girl!!! Oh well!