The Sphere of Influence

As I told you in this post, my recent visit with Say Anything, gave us opportunity to dig a bit deeper and challenge each other in different areas! One of the bigger areas that we talked about was our Sphere of Influence for our children.

Say Anything and I have raised our children very similarly. Infact, EJ and now Z, have always called Say Anything, "Mama -----" (insert her last name there). All five of our kids play together as if they are sisters and brothers. It has always been enjoyable for Say Anything and I, and of course our kids.

As our children are getting older we are beginning to choose some different paths for our children. The biggest is that I am choosing to homeschool while S.A has chosen public school for her kids.

Disclaimer - I am serious when I say both choices are from the Lord. There is absolutely no finger pointing, you are wrong, going on here. We truly respect each other for our choices! This actually makes it fun. Because now we get to see each other through new paths!

As we were discussing some of our issues with the type of schooling we have chosen, we came upon a main point, "Who is your childs Sphere of Influence?" (S.o.I)

I am going to focus on my childs S.o.I. Talking with Say Anything showed me that between moving and now homeschooling, I am seriously limiting my childs S.o.I. Right now, he has one friend in the apartment complex. Other then going to church, he is not involved in any other activity where he can make friends and really get to know them.

Don't get me wrong, EJ, has plenty of opportunity to do lots of fun things. We go to museums, playgrounds, libraries, etc all the time. And I realize that we did JUST move to the area, so it is not like I have been slacking for years now.

BUT, I did realize that my child is a very social little one. Infact, after doing an online quiz, I know that he is an interpersonal and linguistic learner. This was no surprise to me. He LOVES to be around other kids and he is beyond verbal!!! Trust me when I say, that he talks my ear off, ALL DAY LONG!

So, after the conversation and lots of thinking, I got back onto the computer and started looking around for some sort of class that he could attend once a week. I sort of feel that in some way, the sky is the limit.

And yet, it is not. I have no idea what is good around here. I don't really know anyone real well to find out what they have their children in. And most of what I am finding on the web is expensive. Plus the really good classes start at age 5. So, next fall I should be in really good shape in finding him a class.

So, I am thinking about a theatre class for him. It just seems as though he is so dramatic, that he would really enjoy acting. I guess I am a bit afraid of what they will teach him. Or maybe a swimming class? But that costs alot if you don't belong to the Y and the Y is expensive. Soccer classes are outrageous, plus kind of far away.

Oh, what should I do????

I suppose I should pray. God knows EJ's needs, my fears and protectiveness, our budget, and what is the best for everyone involved.

Well, it is a good thing I wrote this out. Sometimes I have to write in order to clear my brain out enough to know that I need to talk to God!

In the meantime.... who is your childs Sphere of Influence? Do you need to widen it? Or maybe you have to pull in the reigns a bit... It is always good to think about these things!


  1. I have a very social son too and we are homeschooling. We fortunately are not in a new area so he has friends from activities and Montessori preschool the last couple of years. I would suggest you check into activities through your libray or local park system, you can meet people that way and those are usually free, or cheap. The other activities you mentioned are great too. Have you found a homeschool group near you? That's another good option! Good luck!