In the Trenches

Only 2 more days until CJ returns home. I have been so blessed to be able to keep in contact with him, either by phone or email. I miss him so much but am so thankful that he is in Canada and experiencing this trip. It sounds as though things are going very well. Currently he is in Montreal ministering to an all Italian church. CJ says they are very hungry for the Lord.

I, on the other hand, am feeling as though I am in the trenches here. This week has not been too bad, praise the Lord, seriously. However, it has definitely had its tougher moments. I just can't seem to get a grip on things.

This morning I started out with a fresh beginning. CJ had instructed me to worship. So, I gathered the kids together and turned on some worship music. We had instruments and scarves out and we sang, danced, and played our instruments. I prayed and sang out to the Lord, declaring this day a turning point. I repented for my laziness and asked for the Holy Spirit to come back into our home. I even anointed the kids with oil, believing that what was done in the spirit realm was sealed in the natural.

I know that this day has been better. But even in the middle of worshipping our God, I had to stop spank both kids, send EJ to his room to pray and try to get Z back on the same page with the rest of us. We did go back to worshipping and I did see a difference. But, my goodness, it was a battle just to worship.

We were slowly finishing worship, when there was a knock on my door. It was our landlord, who graciously told me that even though I am doing everything right (according to their bylaws) my downstairs neighbor has given a formal complaint about us and the "noise." Thankfully my landlord was on our side, but truthfully, it just irritated me. My downstairs neighbor has been giving us a hard time from the very beginning, even to the point of screaming and banging on her ceiling (our floor) even slamming doors over and over again. She is what I like to call a "grace grower."

And that just may be my problem right now. My grace is getting smaller and smaller by the minute. I am ready to jump up and down on my floor while she is home over and over again to give her some perspective! Okay, I won't really do that, but inside I just want to spite her back. Oh, yea, I am in a lovely place right now, can you tell???

I just tried to have "lesson time" with my four year old, who is also pushing the limits with me. Can anyone out there give me a recommendation on how I can get him to focus, without losing it???!!!! Usually he is good during lesson time. But today, I think that he and I probably could use a mini break away from each other.

So I wrapped up lesson time a bit early and then let him loose on the computer working on a preschool program. That seems to be helping him a bit more.

I did get sometime to sit down and read my bible. I am still plowing my way through the New Testament. Currently I am reading Hebrews. The first chapter addresses angels saying, " Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? (1:14)" Well, I was thinking... I could use some of those ministering spirits right now!

Okay, so even through all of my complaints, I just have to believe that what was done in the spiritual will be done in the natural. I have to believe that this will manifest itself. That we are going to get into a better place before CJ gets home. I don't want to waste another day. And I really want my children and I to enjoy our time together without Daddy here.


  1. Wow, that is tough! I can relate to almost everything you posted. We once had a downstairs neighbor that complained over and over again about the noise. We only had our oldest then and he was 2. She said the noise was terrible with him jumping around after 9 at night. Um...he went to bed at 8 and then we crashed on the couch... We call those type of people EGNs ("Extra Grace Needed").

    And I have a 4 year old who won't focus either! Hang in there!

  2. have a lot on your plate!!! I will be praying.

    As far as focus is concerned, you know I don't homeschool but with my high school honors students we changed gears about every 20-30 minutes. In Kindergarten, JCC's activities change probably every 15-20 minutes - and transition time is extra. They go outside twice a day (about 10 minutes each time) besides recess. So, I know this might not help with your homeschool planning but he is a normal 4 year old with a lot more energy than us adults!!!