A Humbling Experience

I've been sick for the last two weeks. I started with a cold, then came the cough. I know that coughs can last up to two to three weeks. But this one seemed to get worse, deepening itself into my chest. Yesterday, I ended up going to the doctors.

For the first time in our lives, CJ and I do not have health insurance. And right now, neither one of us is working (as CJ is full time in school and I full time at home with the kids). I had a new experience yesterday of going to a clinic and submitting my taxes from last year, admitting that we have no income coming in. I was given an appointment, in which the federal government will help pay for. It was definitely a humbling thing for me.

I was blessed to have a Physician assistant that was part of my small group, look me over. She gave me an antibiotic (for free), a prescription for allergy meds (b/c apparently NC is the capital for allergies!) and a prescription for predisone, to help me breathe again. She also wanted to sign us up for a program that gives us free medication (for expensive things like inhalers).

My, oh my! I tried not to cry when I confessed that my pride was standing in the way here. My husband and I have always worked and have always been on insurance. I have worked since I was 15 years old. I stopped working when I had kids, but my husband has always brought in an income.

I told her that I really appreciate everything (and I really do) but I was having a hard time accepting governmental help (especially since I don't feel like we are poor). She was so sweet and she reminded me that CJ and I have worked real hard in the past. And that this is a season of our lives, where it is okay to receive help. We have put into taxes for so many years and now those taxes are helping us. Then she went on to add, that this would give me more compassion and perspective on those who are in worse situations then ourselves.

What truth that was. I think about how all my life I have wanted to help those who were in need. I am the type who can watch one clip of a child in another country standing in a dump and tears will stream down my face. But I think I always thought that we would be extra prosperous and that we would be the ones giving.

Please don't get me wrong, we are prosperous and we do have savings. And God provides always when we need it. I am not crying poor mouth. Just showing how God uses all situations for His glory and His teaching. This was definitely a teaching moment for me yesterday.

The good news, is that the meds are working and I am breathing much, much better! Praise the Lord! And humbling experiences are good for growing up in Him.