Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Elephants, Oh MY!!!

My mom was visiting us for the last week. So, this past weekend, we decided to make the most of it and travel to the North Carolina Zoo. It was only an hour and 15 minutes from our house, in Asheboro. It was the perfect thing to do on a beautiful fall day.

Have you ever been to the San Diego Zoo? I had a great opportunity to go there all by myself about 7 years ago. It is a huge zoo, with all the animals in their own habitats.

Well, the North Carolina Zoo is the east coasts version of San Diego. It was such a pleasant surprise. There are over 5 miles worth of walking trails. All the animals are in their own enviroments. The park is divided up into countries or continents, with Africa, North America and Australian animals.

The kids absolulety loved it! They oohed and aahed over turtles, baboons, lizards, elephants, zebras, giraffes, etc. EJ, walked almost the entire time, with Z following behind as much as he could.

My mom treated us to paying for our new membership there! We will be able to visit the zoo anytime we want. Plus the zoo recipricates with other zoos around America and even into Canada. So in our travels, we will be able to check out animals all over. Plus, we have one free adult pass everytime we go! So, we can even take friends with us.

Another favorite there was the childrens playground. It was a beautiful adaptation of a gourd garden. It had leaves that you could slide down and gourds that you could climb into. A spider web that you could climb to the top of - EJ masted that one. The kids played at the playground for a long time.

There was music, shows, lots of animals, and plenty to do with the kids. What a blessing and fun trip it was that day!

*Gorilla was up against
the glass, so that all that
was between him and I was
thin plexyglass!