He Answers Just When We Need It...

Yesterday as I was walking into Wal Mart to pick up my prescriptions (which by the way did you hear that you can get generic meds at Wal Mart for $4 or less??) I got this lonely feeling again. It happened one other time I was in there. It's this feeling that I had very little chance of ever walking into someone I knew. It was a homesick moment. You know what I mean? You've lived somewhere for years and years. Then you go to the local Wal Mart and you always, always run into someone you know. It is inevitable.

So, of course, we've only lived here for 3 months and certainly we have made friends. But no one that is that deep, deep kind of family friendship yet. And most of the time, I am really good with it. I sort of enjoy that we don't know anyone that deep yet. It is strengthening my relationship with Him so much more.

But yesterday, I was feeling sick and I had just got down with this experience. So I was feeling a little bit weepy but hadn't cried yet. Then I walked into Wal Mart, had the homesick experience and had to contain myself from crying. Thankfully, I did not lose it in the middle of the dry goods aisle.

I came home and told my husband, who was so sweet. He understood and said sometimes he gets that feeling too.

Then today, I get into my car and listened to my voicemail on my cell phone. God is so special and so sweet. There on my voicemail was a message from one of the staff at our church back in PA. They will be coming to the area to do some work with Operation Christmas Child, and wanted to take my husband and I out to dinner. They wanted to check in on us.

I almost cried. Something about having an older couple who has been through the ropes a bit come all the way down here (for other reasons, I know) and check in on us!! Thank you, Jesus! You know our deep down needs. You know we need to be checked in on right now. I am so blessed by Your way of taking care of us.