A couple of months ago, God blessed us with a great deal on a refurbished laptop. Totally excited and thankful to the Lord. This little beauty became MY computer. I surfed the net, blogged, and more importantly journaled on it regularly. And you know that I about flipped when DSL was reinstitued back into my life.

So, last week, when my laptop took a turn for the worse, I was disappointed. I started hearing this wierd plink plink sound. Then a beep sound, following a blue screen saying that all deleting was complete....

I quickly shut the computer down. And within minutes of my husband walking in the door, I told him that I thought I may have just lost my electronic baby.

CJ, is my personal IT guy, with fringe benefits! So, he looked the computer over and made the official diagnosis. My hard drive was FRIED!

In truth, there was no fireworks or great tears. For some reason, I had peace. I knew that God would take care of it. We figured a new hard drive would cost $100 or more. Trusting in God and my husband I knew that the computer was not lost completely.

It was later that I realized that my entire journal that I have been keeping since we moved to NC was know smoldering with the hard drive. I pray in my writing. I write to the Lord in my journal. This is one of my most intimate ways of spending time with Him. And now, all those hours, all those words were gone.

It was a hard swallow. A couple of moments of mourning. But what was done, was done. And there was nothing that I could do, other then spending $500, to get it back.

Praise the Lord, we received a FREE, that is right, a FREE, hard drive with updated software. And my personal IT guy, restored my computer to working conditions immediately.

As I sat down yesterday, to begin my new journal, I began writing to the Lord. A realization came to me. That all that I had been written was not lost. I may not remember it all. I may never be able to go back and review what was said to Him.

BUT - He now holds my journal. My prayers and words written were between Him and I. And He never forgets, never loses, and His hard drive never fails! I prayed, fully handing over my journal to Him, as a fresh and beautiful gift. And somehow, I knew that He was recieving more joy now then even when I wrote it. I got to give God a gift this time!