Creatively Corrected, This Morning

I started reading another book, Creative Correction, by Lisa Whelchel, by recommendation from Mom In Action. I have a couple other biblically helpful correction books sitting on my shelf right now. But I think I needed to start with a "feel good about my children and myself" book, first. Lisa does a great job of reminding me that I am a good mom.

CJ and I are big discipliners in our home. We believe that if we discipline our children now, they will be more apt to grow up strong and mighty. And as time goes on, I love being a parent. I love it even more when we can just enjoy our children and not have to reprimand them for every little detail.

So, with that said, it is important for me to re evaluate every once in awhile my discipline tactics. Creative Correction, is giving me great ideas, that really help us to focus on the love and the reason why we are disciplining our children.

This morning, EJ, told us a tiny little lie. He has been doing that alot lately. I've noticed that we are not struggling with bold face large lies, but small little fibs. However, baby lies can grow up into wildly extravagant tails. This is what we are hoping to avoid.

In the past, we have opted to discipline the part of the body that is sinning. In this case we used a very teeny, tiny bit of soap, on his tongue.

But then, we did something different. I sat EJ down and explained two things to him. First, I showed him what it says in the bible about lying. I quoted Proverbs 12:22, "The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful." We talked about what detests means and what truthful is. I also shared with him the scripture while holding my tongue, "Keep your tongue from evil and lips from speaking lies," Psalm 34:13. This was fun for him. Then I explained the second point, why we discipline him. I told him, how much we love him, and how much God loves him. I helped him to understand that we were discipling him because we wanted him to grow up doing things God's way.

Instead of tons of tears today, we had a lesson on lying. The discipline still happened, but finally I was able to back up why we were doing this to him. It was good, because I think he understood a bit more and I felt as though we were able to creatively instruct him in a biblical way.

The scriptures and talking idea, came from Creative Correction. She helped me put into words the desire I have had for a while, to biblically explain why I am correcting my child.

I am very thankful that Lisa takes all of her creative ideas from the Lord. The "toolbox" of scriptures for each offense out there, really helps me.

If you are struggling with discipline and how to in a loving and biblical way, check this book out! You may be pleasantly surprised.