Believing God

I am starting the bible study, Believing God, by Beth Moore. The women in my church are gathering together every other Friday morning to discuss their "homework" and to view that weeks video tape by Beth, herself.

I completed my homework this evening and felt a bit frustrated. Not with the bible study itself but more with my walk with the Lord. Moore, shows that belief is a verb. That it is an action, something that grows. She then takes us through a journey in the scriptures, proving five facts about faith.

1. Faith is a quality of the fruit of the spirit
2. Faith comes through hearing Gods word
3. We can ask God to increase our faith
4. We can confess our unbelief and request His help
5. We CAN grow in faith

All five principles are true and ones that I already have come to really believe in. I am thankful that Beth uses such strong scripture references, pointing to these principles.

Now, I know that I am at the very beginning of this bible study. And for all of you out there that have already done this, bear with me. However, I am wrestling with God's timing and my "level" of faith.

Here are my angry (I'll admit it!) cries to the Lord....

What, am I just not saying the right prayer, right now, to have You move?
Am I missing something?
What "level" do you have to get to, in order to see mountains move????
How come, even the simplest (in my mind) things that I pray for seem to go unanswered or (I know I am pushing the envelope here) unnoticed?

God, I feel guilty but truthful in saying those questions. I have seen You move in the most awesome ways. But my heart and my soul cry out for MORE and more often. You know my heart and You see that I am giving my all to You. INCREASE my faith, oh God and change me, so that I can really see mountains moving!

Well, I am sure that this bible study and my cry to the Lord, WILL produce more faith. It just has to...

I am opening my comments tonight, not for praises, but to hear if you too are struggling with an increase in faith. Tell me about it!