Come Quickly....

This evening at church, we had the most beautiful time of worship. I love to sit in the presence of the Lord and just lift my voice up to Him.

Last week during the message, we were reminded that when we gather together, it is of utmost importance to the Lord. We are entering into His presence as a BODY of His Son, Christ. We are worshipping, GOD, our Lord.

So, when I came into the sanctuary tonight, I came dropping everything at the door. I wanted to put my voice in to the Lord. I wanted to worship Him. I wanted to tell Him that I loved Him and that He was MY God, MY Daddy and I loved Him for it.

It was a sweet time with Him. I sang, I prayed, I told Him that I loved Him. I wanted to give Him a sweet offering this evening. I wanted to bless Him.

During one of the songs (don't ask me what it was called) one of the stanzas was, "Come quickly..." As I sang it God reminded me of an instance that happened this morning.

My children were playing in their room. CJ had given them PVC pipes to race their cars in. He had put several together and they were having a ball zinging matchbox cars down the chute. I was busily cleaning and working on my household chores. When I heard a squeal from the room and a call from my oldest son, "Mommy, Mommy come quickly!"

And that is when I went in to find my sons playing. They had cars jumping at the bottom. EJ and Zach were so happy. They desperately wanted to share it with one of the people they love the most, Me....

Back to worshipping my God, I started to sing, "come quickly," and suddenly I was thinking of my boys. Usually when we are singing to God, asking Him to come quickly, it is a question of rescue. Lord, when are You sending Your son back to us? We want You to come! Come Quickly God.

Tonight, I started crying out for Him to come quickly, not just to rescue us, but because I wanted my Daddy to be here with me. I want more time with Him. Just like my kids want more of me.