Welcome, The Campbell Corner

There are some people in this world, that you get the privledged of getting to know. This is how I feel about The Campbell Corner.

To be honest with you, I have no recollection of our first meeting. I remember seeing her when she was pregnant with her first son, at a young married's retreat. We became acquaintances from afar. Then one day, she and her husband showed up in our small group. He sang, she began to encourage all of us in so many ways. Soon they began to host small group in their warm home. And we began to get to know each other even more.

I don't think I have ever even gone out with TCC just by myself. We had so many of the same friends that we would see each other in plenty of other settings. Somehow, though, I would seek her out in a get together and just listen to her.

TCC has wisdom. You know, the kind of wisdom that you love to soak in! And she has loads of wisdom in all different subjects. If you're up for some advice on how to parent, she's got something good up her sleeve. Or how about a deep discussion about the Lord? She can definetly dig into Him! Questioning some family life issues? TCC understands and loves to talk about her family.

Maybe it is the teacher inside of her. Or more to the point, maybe it is Him in her that speaks volumes to me. Whatever it is, I encourage you to check out The Campbell Corner. You will be blessed by her faith, her motherhood, her family, her dedication, and her wisdom!

Welcome, The Campbell Corner, to the blogosphere! Eight hours away and I still get to reap the benefits of your wisdom!