Spending Time with Him and him

It has been a really, really busy month. For the last three weeks, we have either had someone staying with us, or I have been out of town.

Thrills came in for a week. Then I accompanied her back to PA for a week long visit with my family. My kids and I arrived home in NC to have a student come and stay with us for a couple of nights. While he was still here, my mom flew in and on one night we had onmom in our bed, the boys in theirs, a student on our couch, and CJ and myself on an air mattress on the floor. Having people stay with us is the only time that I wish we had a house again....

Needless to say I have been missing two big things lately, my time with My Daddy and with my husband.

Certainly, I have had quick minutes with both of them. Last Sunday evening at church was such a precious and renewing time for the Lord and I. And CJ and I have had moments here and there where we have been able to curl up together and talk.

But I miss both of them dearly. Infact, I said to my husband last night, "I miss you." He replied, "yea, I miss you too, right now."

This morning I sat down and read my bible. It is has been awhile since I have done that consistently. What a relief, a sense of welcome home, I felt, as I opened up that bible and read those Holy words. I didn't even suck in what the scripture meant all the way, I just read the words and soaked in being in the life giving Book.

Tonight, my husband and I get to go out on our first date since we moved. I can't remember the last time he and I got to go out by ourselves so that we could spend time together, just us. We are going to dinner and then to see Mark Schultz in concert. As much as I like Mr. Schultz, I almost wish we weren't going to a concert, but just sitting in a coffeehouse and talking. Still, I will not refuse the blessing of our date tonight.

So, today, I got to spend time with Him and tonight, I get to spend time with him (CJ). It is a good day!