Oh, The Things We will See...

We live several miles away from Lowes Speedway, a major NASCAR racetrack. This weekend is the Bank of America 500 Race, I guess it is a Nextel Cup Race.

Friends, I have to tell you that I am not even remotely a NASCAR fan. Sorry to all those that are. But, I just can't get what is so exciting about watching cars race around a track over and over again. And the thought of all the exhaust smell just might make me nauseous sitting in my little ol apartment, right now!

BUT... in order to get to the city and some of the other fun things around here, you must drive past the track. So, all week long we have been driving by the big race track. And all week we have been watching them prepare for the upcoming events.

First we saw port a potties being strategically placed in all the surrounding areas. Then, we saw huge white tents going up. Race signs are plastered everywhere you go. Tickets seem to be a hot commodity and apparently they come in all different price ranges.

If you need to stop at Wal Mart or even the Dollar Store, be sure to check out the race car in front, with free giveaways. We got to check out the Little Debbie Race Car earlier this week. And within two miles of our apartment, Dollar General's Race Car is propped up in the parking lot. And the local Bi Lo had the Tide Car.

So, as we were driving this morning, we went over the hill and there it stood before us, the great Lowe's Speedway, in all its glory. Flags, tents, campers, people riding around on little golf carts everywhere. The place was hopping! There were tons of NASCAR and car souvenirs.

Never did I know that a NASCAR race included a fair! Yea, I mean there were french fry stands, ice cream, I think even rides and games. As we were driving by, we were staring at all the things that were going on. People are camping out in tents and campers, making their bacon and eggs for breakfast. While the speedway staff was getting ready for the rest of the onslaught of people that should be coming in during the next 24 hours.

Everywhere you went you could see something that had to do with the race. Even the air is filled with excitement and energy. It is interesting to watch and see the amount of effort and extravagancy, simply for cars to race around a track!

I am still far from becoming a NASCAR fan. But, as a newbie to the area, it was fun to at least see all the hype and all the craziness of this game.