Going to the Library

I am a big library person. My grandmother was a librarian. Which grew my mothers love for books, which of course grew my love for books, which of course is growing my sons love for books.

As a kid, I grew up in a small town with a very small library. I remember when the new building was built. It was a big event in my household to go to the new library. My mom even worked in one of the offices as the Director of the Literacy Council. So, my brother and I were always studying, reading and even sometimes helping at the library.

And I have great memories of visiting my Granny in Lexington, Mass. Every trip we made up there, she would take my brother and I to the library so that we could borrow books for the week! They had an awesome library! Much, much bigger then what we had back home.

But, it wasn't until I had kids that I searched out the library in our town in PA. I soon found a beautiful library with a whole floor dedicated to children. Quickly, my oldest son and I became very involved in Rhyme Time and then Story Time. We borrowed books weekly and got to know the Childrens Librarian by first name. We loved that library.

So, of course, when we moved to NC, it was on the top of my list to search out the perfect library for the kids and I.

We live about 30 minutes outside of Charlotte, NC. But if you are a library lover, especially a childrens library, nothing ever could match this library. ImaginOn, is a library dedicated to children only. It is a complete, state of the art, childrens library, with everything from a trolley to a childrens theatre, to tons of computers (for preschoolers too). They even have a gift shop.

This library is gorgeous! Opened only one year ago, this library is focused on giving children a fun, interactive facility to grow in the curiosity of life through books. We actually make the trip into Charlotte on a minium of once every two weeks. Sometimes we even go in once a week.

Every childs book imaginable is there. They even have a teen loft, with computers, puzzles, and of course tons of books.

Z -2, and EJ - 4, LOVE coming here. They play on the computers for as long as they possibly can, they dress up with the fun clothes, listen to stories on tape or during a storytime. There are even crafts to do.

ImaginOn also hold the Childrens Theatre of Charlotte. The theatre includes beautiful plays such as the The Magician's Nephew, Ferdinand the Bull, and Junie B. Jones. The also have acting classes for kids 3 and up! I am seriously considering winter classes for EJ!

Today, I brought my mom there to visit. Just as my heart leapt the first time I walked in, my moms eyes sparkled as she explored the building! Then she turned to me and said, "Oh, this just makes me think of your grandmother! She would have loved this place!" I couldn't of agreed more! Granny would have loved this place.