I Cried, THREE times!

As Boomama, would put it, "have mercy" I cried three times last night at a Mark Schultz concert! For real! Three times!

Okay, I am not pregnant! My hormones aren't out of whack! I am a little over tired, but nothing that consitutes crying three times!

When the whole concert was over, I turned to my husband and said, "Thanks CJ! I have never been to a concert where I have cried that much!!"

We went to the Mark Schultz concert last evening in Charlotte. It was a treat. He is doing his Broken and Beautiful tour, right now. The tour includes David Klinkenberg and Big Daddy Weave.
All three acts were wonderful.

We love Mark Schultz because he tells stories in his music. He speaks of real life in a song. Plus he reminds CJ and I of Harry Chapin!

Let's see, I cried because of He's My Son, She Was Watching, and He's Walking Her Home.

He is an incredible artist. And his opening acts were fabulous as well!