Whew! I am Feeling Better Now

Okay, I am out of my funk and have found some peace and joy again. It took a little bit.

I did take a nap yesterday. Which helped me big time. And my husband and I came to agreement and decided not to go out last night. Another decision that was just right for my state of mind. We had unexpected company last night, in the form of my uncle whom I have not seen for 2 years now. It was pleasant and nice to have a family member come to our new home in North Carolina.

And then today... a wonderful afternoon of peace and quiet, with an added extra advantage of a caramel Macchiata from Starbucks and some shopping! Yea, I went shopping by myself. I bought two shirts, a pair of jeans, and some camo pants! (Say Anything would be proud!)

I came home, got my family together and then went to our first dinner with another family from school. It was such a nice evening. Their entire dining room has been turned into a worship room, complete with a mirror, dance mat, drum set, guitars, etc. The kids really enjoyed their time as they played with it all.

Then, I had two cups of tea in real tea cups.... the girls back home know how that can satisfy my heart. During the tea, the men and the boys went out to play for, at least an hour. And the other mom and I sat and talked and prayed together. Aaaahhh... my soul was beginning to feel satisfied.

Afterwards, CJ and I came home, put the kids to bed and then curled up on the couch together, comparing notes! To top the night off, I got a free, no string attached, foot rub.

I am definitely feeling better. I feel like the Lord took care of my soul, my mind and my body today. He relieved my exhaustion and brought my tank from EXTRA low back up to half full.

CJ promised me another night out this week. This is something I need to continue to do, in order to fill my tank back up. Even if I just sit in a library or book store and read. I need the quiet time to myself.

Jesus did that. He had to get refilled before He went back out there. He rested and took naps, even during storms. And the Lord does want us to delight in the natural. He wants us to enjoy the life we have now!

So, thank you Lord for this day. Thank you for taking care of my needs, all of them. And thank you for my husband, for using him to help relieve my stress. Thank you for speaking to him and for using him to "push" me out the door today! I am blessed!


  1. OnFire, I am so glad that you are feeling better. It sounds like you had an awesome day. I was reading All The While...'s blog and I thought of you. If you haven't read it already, you should read her blog from 09/01/06.

  2. Glad you are feeling better!

  3. So glad things are on the up & up. I love you and am praying for you! It'll get easier and easier as time goes on. - JF

  4. LOVE the realization that even Jesus took naps! It's funny how often I've thought of his need to get away and spend time alone with God, but it never occurred to me that sometimes he even took naps to rejuvenate himself physically.