I am feeling a bit crabby today. I thought that I wouldn't post about it, figuring who really wants to read my complaints? But since this is part journal, part blog, I reconsidered and went ahead with my fingers and grumpy thoughts.

It has been raining here since Wednesday. And on Wednesday, I was unable to get out of the house, due to an unforseen knock at my door. I did get out a bit yesterday and even today. But I feel cooped up with my kids. Everywhere I go, they go. And when they go with me two things generally happen, EJ, my four year old talks nonstop and Z, my 2 year old, throws some sort of fit, because he didn't get what he wanted.

Yes we are in both the 4's and the 2's. The I-am-going-to-talk-straight-through-whatever-we-are-doing-even-if-that-means-that-I-make-up-words.-I-will-also-ask-at-least-100-questions-on-my-bad-days,-some-twice-or-even-three-times... stage, with EJ. Z, just seems to scream or cry at me for just about anything, because he is two and that is what two years olds do, right?

Now, on my good days, I have it under control. I speak lovingly to Z, give him choices, help him to use "his words," etc. And with EJ, I will answer many questions, direct him to the Lord for the rest, and gently suggest a "mouth break" when it seems to be getting too much.

Today, it took everything I had not to yell -PLEASE STOP TALKING!!!!! And PLEASE QUIT SCREAMING!!!!

Then, as a wonderful surprise, I picked up my husband from school, unplanned. Of course since it was unplanned, he spent 20 minutes talking with his "new" friends and his teacher. All while I was trying to have my children wait patiently strapped in the car. If you think I might be exagerrating about this, talk to Thrills, as I was trying to catch up with her over the cell phone at the time.

My husband is in this new place of LOVING every stinkin thing about his new school, this new state, our apartment, and any new friend. Everytime there is some sort of opportunity to socialize and meet new people he wants all of us to go. Usually, I am more of a social person. But my tank is on EXTRA low. And I am feeling more then a bit crabby. So, going to a social event tonight with my two kids, Sir Talksalot and Mr.Screamer, just does not seem like fun right now.

Because my husband is out of the house and in the land of "Extra Fun" he is not tired of Sir Talksalot and Mr. Screamer. And he doesn't feel the pressure of keeping up with the apartment, fine tuning all the things that needs to still be put away or cleaning out the car, or any of the things that I feel like are being forgotten. Nor does he need that time alone right now.

So of course we are at odds. And I am crabby.

To make matters worse, I am still without DSL and right now I am using dial up, with a speed of 19 Kpbs.... Yes, I said 19!!! I don't even have the patience to link, Thrills back to her blog or Say Anything back to MIA's blog on her, because I might turn 30 before I am able to get the sites up and over.

And sweet, Live Every Moment (again another link, that I am not going to connect right now) wants to help me figure out HTML, but I can't because my email is too big to even pull up, let alone send out.

But, don't worry, friends, because I will have DSL - just not until SEPT.7th!!!! 3 weeks, after we moved in! Apparently things are much slower in the south. Sorry to all you southern belles out there - but I need a little "northern speed" down here.

I think I need a nap, a nice bath, a good chick flick and a 911 visit with Say Anything.... I miss my friends right now.

Okay, I will try to end this with something that is spiritual and uplifting....

Aaahhh.... what am I thinking! I think I will just go take a nap. That's more attainable right now.


  1. Sounds like hubby needs to watch the boys tomorrow while you have a day to yourself to drink coffee, shop, wander, and find your marbles. Nothing worse than a mom who has lost her marbles...but we've all been there.

  2. Hi again B!
    I agree with MIA - only I suggest you wait till Ernesto clears himself out of the area :) I've had a quite a few crabby days lately, with the rain and J's recovery. But God has shown HIMself faithful to provide an out. Happy news: we had the first half of our home study for our adoption from China today. Went swimmingly, and we're on the way :) Miss you, but love reading your heart on these pages. You have a gift friend, and I pray with you that hearts and lives are changed by the power of your words and your honesty! Love ya! Trac

  3. ((((HUGS)))) we've all had those days of mommy meltdown --- i agree with mom in action - you need sometime --- even just an hour to yourself!!!!!!!!

  4. Aw, when you are up and running I would love to help out. I posted a reply to your comments on my blog, on mine.

    Thanks for being honest and yourself. And like my blog was trying to get across to some people who criticized write what you want and I won't criticize you!

    Love in CHrist!