One Month Later

One month ago today, CJ, the kids, and I loaded up and moved eight hours from all comfort to begin a new journey in our life.

Sitting on our couch tonight, in between reading, CJ and I had a conversation about where we are at. Essentially, how are we doing? Are we happy with our move, etc.

I realized as we were talking that there is a new sense of togetherness we are beginning to share with each other. I am finding that I am slowly starting to let my guard down and trust CJ more. We have no one to really hang onto (besides the Lord) other then each other.

If ever there was a transition to a new community, state, etc, coming to this area has been VERY good for us. The people in our school and church have been working hard to build a tight knit community that embraces change and new people all the time. You can tell that they don't have it all together yet. But they do have one thing real important, a fire inside of them to seek the Lord with all of their hearts, souls and minds.

CJ and I are making out well, getting to know many. We are both giving and receiving from all those around us. I haven't gone one week without getting together with someone either for a playdate or dinner. Everyone is friendly, giving and excited for us and what we have to offer.

Still there are some things that aren't easy either. CJ and I have realized that this "community" is passionately without a doubt after God. We always thought that we were that way too. We are... but we have a lot of growing to do! I guess that is why we are in the "school" part of this walk with God. Also, our faith is constantly challenged. Never do we go to a service, class, seminar, etc without wanting to repent, change, or need God even more in our lives. This is a good thing, but tends to be tiring.

I am struggling a bit with understanding my role and "path" right now. CJ is in classes, ministries, etc. His path is somewhat carved out for him right now. I, on the other hand, basically moved to a new home, in a new area, with a new church, not knowing anyone, and am still mom, homemaker, God seeker, etc. My struggles as a mom have certainly not gotten easier, especially since I am missing the comforts of back home. Plus, I feel like God is only turning up the heat with me. So, I am pushing for more and more of Him, these days.

One month out, I am happier with my family. CJ and the kids and I are tighter. We are trying hard to work together better as a family. I see great growth in my husband and beautiful changes in my sons. I know that I, too, am changing. I think I am just harder on myself.

I don't feel as though we have found the "normal" week yet. But, maybe I should lighten up a bit and trust that it will come sooner then later.

Overall, I am pleased with where we are at. It is intense but good. Hard, but sweet. Exhausting, but totally worth it.


  1. I see BREAKTHROUGH! Continue to speak God's truth girl. His river is rushing and His fire is hot but the end result is sooooooooooo worth it!!! I am praying for you!

  2. This was a great post, encouraging, true, and passionate, I've been reading your blog, and been blessed immensely by it....thanks :)

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  4. Hi On Fire- glad to see you are getting settled. We are as well. Just thought I'd check in... I've moved to:

    -Tami (Tami's Thoughts)

  5. I had this scary thought as I was reading this that you had no idea a year ago that you would be where you are today and that could actually happen to ME! Then I realized that God knew all along where you would be right now and he knows where I will be and it's going to be okay. I'm really proud of you and admire your honesty and determination to grow closer to Him during this transition time. You are really an inspriration to the rest of us!