Do you know that song, the one that goes, Hallelujah.... Hallelujah.... Ha...Le...Luu..Yahhh! Well, I am all but dancing around the apartment singing that song.

Why am I so excited???

Because after 3 weeks of living in North Carolina, I finally have DSL! Praise You Jesus!!

There was a brief time in my life, when I thought that I was not made for this era. That God had accidently birthed me decades too late. Then I got a bit older and wiser, and I realized that I was definetly, with out a shadow of a doubt, made for this day and age.

Friends, I was made for DSL!!! Call me materlistic, call me shallow, call me whatever your little heart desires. But I need DSL.

My husband and I don't subscribe to cable, we get 3 1/2 channels all together. We barely watch movies anymore, since CJ started school. We seem to read non stop. On top of that, we are not getting a paper right now. My link to the outside world, the rest of the world is through my computer. And dial up, ain't working for this millenium girl!

So, God just granted me a little piece of heaven today, in the form of DSL. And now, I hope to get back into the real world, with more emails, more blogs and more news updates.