Under My Pillow

I've been writing about how I feel loved from the Lord lately. And last night I received such a powerful moment that I needed to share it!

God knows where I am at right now. Only He really knows the true deep down desires of my heart. He hears the cries that don't even come out of my mouth, but that stew and yearn in the deepest parts of me.

Sometimes, I think that everyone feels the way I do. That many people want to do what I believe God is calling me too. Just recently, I realized that isn't true.

Last night we were sitting with our friends (we've been staying with them during our transition from state to state). After dinner, the husband turned to us and said that he felt as though the Lord had given him a word for me. He had written it down and was very bold in delivering it.

I am not ready to share the "word," as it is VERY strong and big. But I wanted to tell you what it felt like to receive it.

As he was telling me what God had shared with him, I felt goosebumps travel up my body and this heaviness come over me. And then tears began to well up inside of me, as he looked at me and said that "You can do it." God was revealing my heart (the deep unspoken part) out loud. I couldn't even speak when he was done, other then to say, "Wow."

I wanted to encourage the person who gave it to me, but I was too shocked at what I heard.

Later that night, when it was time for bed, I asked my husband to find that piece of paper that had the "word" written on it. I was so enamored with the Lord that I wanted to keep even the paper close to my heart. So, I laid it under my pillow, close to me.

I wanted to feel close to God, the One who has captured my heart. If I could have held Him last night like a teddy bear, I would have.

Hearing what God has for me, makes me feel on top of the world. Only He can give us purpose and direction, only He can point us in the right ways. Anything else is just surface, it doesn't truly satisfy the soul.

Somehow, putting that paper under my pillow and sleeping with it, brought me closer to Him.