Safety Net

Well, we did it. We pushed through that invisible wall of fear, got into our car, and left all that we know as comfortable, enjoyable and fun. We have left our warm home, our fiery and fun church, our family, and the hardest part, our friends.

We are half way there, spending the night at a hotel, resting up for tomorrows travels. We hope to arrive at our final destination, our new home, mid day tomorrow.

As we stood last night and this morning with our best friends, tears poured down our faces. Never in my life did I think it was going to be this hard to leave our friends. (Mom and bro - if you read this, try not to be upset with me, I need to get the following out!)

Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to live in different parts of the world. I remember doing a book report on Brazil when I was in fourth grade. I got so in to it, I began to desire traveling there. I have written about my coin collection before. But the reason I loved to collect coins, is because it gives me opportunity to see a country in that way. When I was graduating from high school, I wanted to join the peace corp and backpack Europe. And almost anytime we listen to a missionary report about the work they are doing, I can imagine myself there working along side of them. I got the traveling bug....

So, the thought of moving to another state to go back to school, is really exciting. I get to explore a new state and new city. I have already bought books to help me with my exploration. I have already mapquested the nearest library from our apartment. And just today, one of our dearest friends gave us a family pass to one of the neatest kids museums in the area we are moving to. So you see, I am really excited to move and do what God wants us to do.

Except for my heart is hurting over the loss of my friends. My husband and I went to bed last night after we had said good bye to Thrills husband (he leaves very early in the am for work). My husband prayed through tears, about our good byes. This is so much tougher then we were expecting.

Our friends have been our safety net in our walk with the Lord. They have been the ones that have had our backs through prayer and encouragement. They hold us when we hurt, they cheer us on in our victories. They have helped us understand Him through conversations and just by their walk.

As we step out into the unknown - which is what it really is, we are missing our safety net, our friends. We are missing the ones that know us and love us deeply, who gets us for who we are now and who we are going to be.

So, as my husband prayed and the tears rolled down our faces, we realized that God was removing the safety net so that He could replace it with Him.

I think mourning is okay. We will be mourning our friends deeply. And learning how to rely on God even more will be a lesson of its own. I look forward to God being our safety net and then maybe someday, He'll bring back those friends who we love so dearly.


  1. Lord God, I lift up On Fire to you. I pray that you surround her and her husband with your perfect peace. Lord God as they mourn, comfort them. Fill them with your Hope, with your Love and with your Joy. Bring people into their lives that will encourage them. I pray specifically for one good confidant, that will be their best friend on this earth. We know Lord that YOU are their best friend and I thank you that they long to love you wholly and serve you alone. Make the way for them clear. Bring encouragement as they go through many changes. Reveal yourself in mighty ways. In Jesus name. AMEN

  2. This makes me so sad. I knwo that in a few short years we too might have to live the comfort of the life we are currently living, to serve in another city here...but away from the friends we have. Already, I am sad. I pray I have the willpower to follow through doing what I know the Lord wants us to you did.

  3. May the God of Comfort and Peace go with you as you make this move. I lift you up to Him. May he bring into your lives new and great relationships and allow you to maintain those you are already close with. Your reward will be great... of that I have no doubt.... continue to do His will!!!

    AND - Welcome to NC!!!!

  4. Yes, perhaps, God alone is your safety net for now. You may have to fall further than you ever had to reach that net, but it will be there and it will protect you and wrap itself around you as you make contact with it. In the meantime, enjoy the free fall! It is scary, exhilarating, and beautiful! It gives you a very different perspective of your life, the world and your place in it.

    Enjoy the ride and know I'm thinking of you daily!

    love you! a BCM

  5. What a blessing it is to have people praying for us. And it touches me when people that I really have never met face to face, care enough to pray for our life.
    Thank you, momteacherfriend and dee!
    BCM, I am exhausted and can't figure out your intials! Sorry! Thanks for loving me, regardless! I need it right now!

    Bless y'all!