Part 2, Daddy Love

Well, I was hoping that I would get more of a response. I was serious when I asked, how do you feel loved by God? What specifically fills you up, that only God can give you?

I've been thinking more about it. Infact within 24 hours of writing my last blog, I was sitting down praying and reading my bible and I laid my head down on it. When I did, I felt such comfort and I remembered how I do have one way that I feel tangible love from my Daddy.
It is through the Bible.

I am not lying when I say, that I literally can lay my head on the bible and feel comforted by Him. If I am feeling nervous, anxious or fearful at night, I will sleep with it. Many times, I put it under my pillow or hold it tight as though it were a teddy bear. Somehow, it makes me feel closer to Him.

My bible is really hard too. It's one of those Life Application bibles, the NIV version, hard back. It isn't soft at all. And yet, in some of my most sleepless nights, it has felt warm and comfortable to me.

I know there is more ways to feel the love from Him. I am going to find out how. I need Him, more then I need anything else. I need His love to fill me up.


  1. Wow! You are really challenging me to dig deep. I don't have an answer b/c it has been some time since I'v felt the father's love in such a tangible way. I'm so 'lukewarm' right now that I just feel so distant from God. I've known Him my entire life, yet I've drifted so far away that I've become numb to his voice and tug.
    Enough for now, but please know that you are making a difference.

  2. Tangible? I have almost "felt" God wrapping his arms around me in an embrace, a hug. I have lifted my arms to Him in the heavens and nearly felt the hug in return.

  3. Anonymous,
    PTL that God is challenging you to dig deeper. I pray that He will reveal Himself in a deeper way to you, that you will beg to know Him so much that life just is boring without Him! He is ringing your door bell right now! I believe it!

    Do you feel that regurlarly? How do you entire into that feeling with Him?

  4. Not regularly now, but I don't feel like I need that "tangible" touch regularly at this point in my life. As far as "entire into that feeling" I am sorry, but I am not sure what you mean by that. I'd be glad to answer but I don't understand the question exactly.