It is official, our house is sold! I need to tell you how God did this, because He is so incredibly awesome. This was the easiest thing we have ever done.

We have been praying for over a year and half about going back to school and where we were to go. We felt the Lord direct us to North Carolina at the beginning of the year. So when we checked things out and felt the Lord confirm where we were to be settling at, we began thinking about what the next steps were going to be... moving.

I had met an adventurous fun friend on a missions trip to Ecuador last fall. When we returned home she came over for a visit one night and mentioned, "if you ever want to sell your house, let me know."

How many times have you heard that one, before? And how often does that really come true?

Well, my husband and I decided that we would look at putting the house on the market this past June. In May we ran into my climb any mountain (seriously) friend and said, "by the way, we really are planning on selling the house, we hope to put it up in June."

Without hesitation she wanted to look at it. Within two days of looking at it she agreed that our house was for her. Friends, we did nothing. Nothing!!! We never put the house on the market. We never used a real estate agent or put it in the paper. Infact some of the work that we were going to do to get the house "ready for the market," never even happened.

It was that easy. To make matters even better, my friend loves the Lord and is eager to continue the work that we started on our fixer upper of a home.

We could not have asked for a better situation. We are handing our home over to someone who is going to carrying on what we started.

We are just thrilled at what God has done with our home! It just proves that God is in control and has a purpose for everything, right down to the house we live in and sell!


  1. Isn't he just awesome? So glad your house sold.