The Power of Praise during a Sick Day

Trust me when I say, I am doing you a favor by not posting pictures today!

We have spent the last 36 hours dealing with the infamous stomach flu that is going around. Praise the Lord that only 3 of us got it. My youngest practically did jumping jacks on top of us during the day.

It was a potent little bug, as my mom, sister in law and niece got it as well. (They had been visiting us on Friday.)

But as I was beginning to feel remotely better last evening, I began to feel praises to the Lord lift up inside of me. It occurred to me that this could have been so much worse.

Soon, I was praying over and over again thanking the Lord for what He saved us from. The power of praise is amazing. I really believe that this flu could've lingered longer and done more damage to our home. I began taking the authority that He has given us and started casting out this sickness in the name of Jesus.

I went to bed still dealing with the "bottom end" of it - quite literally, but I felt strong. I knew that when we woke this morning it would be done and joy would be in our home again.

And it was! Not to mention, that I have energy and strength. I have already done dishes, cleaned up rooms, sorted and started laundry. I am hoping to accomplish vacuuming and washing floors today as well.

There is nothing like the day after you have been feeling really rotten and getting your energy back almost two fold, to really make you want to praise the Lord.


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Praising God is a powerful antidote to our tendency to focus on ourselves! (I've been reading the book Thirty One Days of Praise this month- it's been great.) Thanks for the comment on your blog. I've updated a little today!

  2. Thank you for the encouragment today! The stomach flu hit us hard over the past 24-48 hours (my husband, myself and touched slightly on two of my children), but after reading your article and being encouraged by another friend that today is a new day, I'm ready to start praising Jesus for our complete healing! Thanks again!

    Encouraged one.

  3. Praise the Lord. I just pray right now that your day will get even better and you will be refreshed. Thank you to Jesus that the stomach flu is out of your home and that He has new a glorious things for you!
    Bless you.