Check Out - Far More Than Rubies

My goodness, I read a blog today that just stopped me in my tracks. It is called Far More Than Rubies. I highly recommend it.

She was talking about how she met her husband (I think from reading another persons post and comments that her anniversary is coming up). It wasn't the love story that completely captivated me. It was her complete adoration for the Lord!

Read as she takes you through sitting at her grandmothers chair resting in the presence of her Father to how God spoke through a pastor about what was coming, to how He told her to write a journal just for her husband (whom she had yet to meet).

Read between the lines, hear her heart and what she is saying and how she is saying it. She has expressed through a blog, how she is captivated first by our God and then by her husband.

Blogging is perfect for those of us who love to write. But she is passionate about her God and she shows it, especially in this post. Thank you Rubies!


  1. You are right. Amanda is wonderfully in love with the Lord!

  2. OKay, well I feel so honored. It is such a blessing to see words that describe me this way. It make me smile because I know that I am a living testimony of so many miracles and your words prove to me that God wants to use my journey. Thank you. I give HIM all the glory and credit. You truly have blessed me today.

  3. Smile.... Praise the Lord and all that He is doing in you and with you!