A Quick Moment

I only have a quick moment to write this! Here is the update.

First, I really have to say how much I appreciate your prayers. We so can feel them. God is amazing as He is taking care of all the details.

Yesterday my husband took the kids up to the pool. While there he met several other families with small kids, who all go to the school that we are going to. Playing in the pool, was another 4 year old. My oldest is really excited because he has a new friend. Of course, he has already said, that he misses his friends from back home. (I am in total agreement with him!)

So, God reveals a bit of His hand. As the little boys mommy, told me that she has been praying for our family to come to this complex. She said that we are an answer to prayer. Double answer, as we prayed for a friend for EJ for months before we moved down here. So, now I pray that God will just honor that friendship and that the two of them will play well together and enjoy each other!

I was invited to a homeschooling informational session today. It was wonderful. I am getting more and more excited to begin this part of our life. And by going to this session, I don't feel overwhelmed at all. I just keeping thinking that I am going to take this one step at a time!

Well, there is so much to say. Our apartment is nice and warm and just perfect. Right now, I enjoy hearing people above us - it isn't loud at all. It's actually rather comforting. And all the little advantages to living in a community style is fun! It feels so much simpler then all the responsibilities of owning a home.

BTW - Sunshine and those PA'ers that know our past.... the cable plan seems to be the same in NC as it was in PA, for the first several years of home ownership!!!!!

Well, I have been told that in the south, things take a little bit longer to get done around here. Which means that DSL will be coming in the next 2 weeks or so. Yikes! So, I will do my best to blog when I can.

That is about it for now! Thank you for your prayers!