The Process of Moving

Well, the count down is on, we have 22 days until my husband moves us down to North Carolina. I say, my husband, because the kids and I will stay here until he has us somewhat situated and then we will go down.

I can't believe how much it takes to move from (what I always believed was) a small house to an even smaller apartment. I've written about the yardsale - but the update was, we sold or donated everything that we put out there. It did not cross the threshold of our home again. We made $500.00 and gave plenty of things away to great people.

Still when you come into our home, we have plenty left over. There are things that we just aren't ready to part with, antiques, family heirlooms, a new freezer that we just bought within the last two years. Those sort of things. We can't put it into our apartment and we've seriously thought about renting a storage unit. But that costs and since we do not know when and where the next paycheck will be coming from, a storage unit seems frivolous.

Friends are starting to help out, offering to store the bigger items for us. Other friends are making out like bandits with whatever we can give away - as I feel they should!

Sometimes, I wish I knew exactly what our apartment looked like, so that I could plan accordingly. But I don't! And eight hours is a long trip away to take a quick peek at it. Plus, we know pretty much no one down there to go in and take pictures for us.

What an adventure this is. The mysterious unknown is at times difficult to deal with. In the past I have been focused on the exciting prospects of moving and exploring a new place. As reality and time gets closer to the official move, I feel a little nervous with what lies ahead.

Still, no matter what, the little quiet voice in my head, keeps showing me that this is the way! So, we continue on... packing, getting last minute appointments out of the way, saying good byes to acquaintances, closing down local accounts, etc. And the foreboding "unknown" will become known sooner then we expect.