Adventures in a Bathing Suit

Ladies (and those gentlemen who are adventurous enough to read a stay at home moms blog that is completely full of hormones in it!), tomorrow I am going to be a brave soul and step out in my bathing suit in front of most of my other mom friends.

Now, lets just be straight forward here.... I am not a petite woman. I don't ever remember size 8, probably because that was during middle school, maybe. There is not much about me that is small or ornate. Even, my personality is verging on the louder side.

I've tried tons of diets! They work for the moment and then as fast as I was able to take it off, I put it back on.

My struggle is both genetic and emotional. There isn't a single person in my family that is skinny. We all struggle with our weight. And emotionally, I tend to find chocolate as one of my better friends in times of trouble.

So, I can write this blog, because only one person besides my husband actually knows the face behind these words, and I trust her.

I have been working for years to enjoy and appreciate who God created me to be. I don't want to settle for being overweight for the rest of my life. But I do want to be happy with myself.

I bought a new bathing suit for tomorrow. I wanted to feel a bit stylish and well, as pretty as a large woman can be in a bathing suit. Nothing out there is reasonable, especially when you are on a tight budget. But I found something that wasn't the traditional black and that made me feel a bit stylish.

Stylish???? Can that be a real possibility for a larger girl in a bathing suit?

I guess it all comes down to the test of what I think about myself and whether I am willing to put myself out there.

So, here goes nothing.... tomorrow, it should be nearing 100 degrees and both my boys will be dying to get into the pool with their bestest friends. And I.... I will take off the shirt and the shorts and be thankful to God for who He created me to be, in my new bathing suit, with all my other mom friends!

Be praying for me ladies.....