Are You Curious?

Yesterday my brother, his wife and my niece came in to visit with us. They spent the night on Thursday and then Friday we went out for an adventure. My husband took the day off too. Which meant that both families were set to do something fun!

Our kids are all under 4. It was important to do something that would be highly entertaining for them. We had made original plans for Lake Tobias, a wildlife park, that is about 45 minutes from home. However, since the weatherman was predicting a hot day with humidity and more storms, we decided to go to plan B. (Tell you what, God is definitely showing me that "the plan" in my head is not always what He has in mind these days!)

So, plan B, it was! We took the kids to Curiosity Connection and the PA State Museum. The Connection is designed for children who are under at least 7 years of age. It is most appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers, and younger children. Our kids had a blast. They drove on a 1940's truck, picked apples, built trucks, went camping, read books, played with trains, changed the color of a room, and just plain had lots and lots of fun!

Because we had plenty of time and the grown ups were a bit tired of pretend play, we decided to walk through the PA State Museum . I haven't walked through that museum since I was a kid. It was so much fun. I forgot how much I enjoy museums. And now, I feel as though my children are old enough to enjoy it as well.

I learned that I may not be able to fully enjoy the museum like I used to, but that it was better then just not going at all. I am so excited, because now I can't wait to take the kids to more "adult" museums!

Plus, I loved the teaching moments I was able to do with my oldest one. I am pretty sure that 4 is becoming my new favorite age. He is so inquisitive about everything. While many times that is exhausting, yesterday is was thrilling. I had patience and excitement to show him what each historic item meant.

It was really a fun day! It makes me excited to move and explore the next state we are about to live in!