Pic of the Day

Thrills and I had lunch today. We had our usual tunafish sandwiches, the staple of our lunch dates! Instead of eating at the table, we sat in front of my computer and discussed blogging!

We went to a great website, Morgue File, (TY - MIA) to look at pictures for future blogs.

While perusing the pictures, I came upon this one.

It stopped me.... and made my heart do a flip inside! This picture is just incredible to me. I wonder where are they, Africa, probably? And how old is the child? Is that her mama, or her big sister?

I wonder if they know Jesus? If they have seen amazing miracles?

Then, secretly, inside I hope that someday, I can experience that in real life. That I could meet them and talk with them. Get to know the culture and find out how life is really like, in their shoes.

This is what burns in my heart. Are we really satisfied that for rest of our lives, we will only live in the same house that we are in now, the same town, county, state? Is this it? Is this all there is to life....?

When I see this picture, I think about all the cultures, lives, children and people out there that we have an opportunity to meet and share the love of the Lord with. This is what Fires me up!


  1. Dear On Fire,
    I just read all your postings and I must say you are quite a good writer. God has definitely blessed you with a talent that I'm glad you are using. Why would you want to remain invisible? This is a great tool for spreading the word of God, if that is what you are called to do. I'm also impressed that you are finding the time to blog every day with 2 small children. Keep it up! I started blogging this year as well but as I work full time and I am a wife and mother of an 11yr old and a 2 yr old as well, you can imagine that if I am writing to you right now, its because I should be sleeping instead.