Eye'n Up A Pair....

Today, I went to the eye doctor for an eye exam. It's been about 3 or 4 years since I had my eyes checked. The last time they were looked at the doctor informed me that I was getting close to needing a prescription again.

Since we are about to lose our dental and vision benefits and because I have had frequent headaches, I thought it would be wise to make an appointment.

And not to my surprise, I needed glasses!

So, being the ever so interested girl that I am, I asked the doctor, "So, what's wrong with my eyes? Am I near sighted, far sighted? What do I have?" I felt the need to have a title with my glasses....

He informed me that I have astigmatism. I told him that I had had that when I was a child but that my eyes cleared up and that I haven't worn glasses for almost 20 years now. So again, wanting to be ever informed, I asked, "well how can that be?"

Are you ready for the answer......

"Well, people who are in their 30's or mid 30's tend to......."

Wait.... Did he just pull the "you're getting older card" on me?????? Did he just start out with, "typically people in their mid 30's...."????

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I am not even 30 yet! I have 6 months to go. What is wrong with him? Does he need his "prescription" checked??

To make matters worse, he dumped dilation drops in my eyes and sent me out into the waiting area to choose my new fashion accessory. Still getting over the "you are getting older" comment and with my eyes completely blurry and my 4 year old practically doing somersaults in the office, I chose a pair of glasses.

They are red. Yea, I said, red. What was I thinking????

Okay, I am not hip. No, I am not even fashionable. My favorite color - blue. I like piano music. I enjoy tea and a good book. My friends have done serious interventions in trying to make me more hip. (Okay, maybe this is why I got the "your getting older" comment.) Whatever in the world made me think that I should get red glasses???

Perhaps I was still getting over the thought of getting older, that I needed to spice up my look. Who knows? But they are ordered and I can't go back. In a couple of days, I will be wearing red glasses. And when I go in to pick them up, I am going to wear the hippest outfit I have in my closet. I'll show him that there is such a thing as "premature eye problems" and that it doesn't always have to do with age!


  1. Dear on Fire,
    please do not sweat the age thing! I turn 36 this year and i can sincerely say that I don't look any older or feel any older than when I was in my 20s. Society wants us to believe that our value as women is in our youth and men's value is in their age and wisdom and that they get better looking with age. That perception is changing somewhat but we are still not there. My advice is that you embrace the fact that our bodies with time start to fail us, obviously at the rate directly related to how we take care of our bodies as well. Its corny but I have learned that as a woman the most important love of our life after God of course, is the love we have for ourselves. Does this sound superficial and selfish? Well I believe that we cannot effectively love anybody else unless we truly love ourselves. Loving yourself means being kind to yourself in every way. Your kids will keep you young that's for sure! I love being in my 30s because I am now very comfortable in my own skin. I know who I am - I know I'm not perfect but i'm happy with the path I am on... Take care.