More Stuff..

I am up to almost 35 boxes of STUFF that I plan to put out in our yardsale on Friday morning. I don't know how I am going to price everything at this point. It is amazing what you accumalate over the years.

My husband and I have been married eight years on Tuesday. We have two kids. I think that our house doubled in STUFF when the boys arrived in our lives.

I think I told you before, that I prefer to purge and get rid of STUFF. I don't like being weighed down by tangible things in life. But, my husband, well that is another story. He has a hard time with this.

If it weren't for God's direction on moving, I think my husband would be satisfied with keeping STUFF. I get him to purge with me once a year or so. We go through the basement and the house, etc and box up extra STUFF. We bring it to the Salvation Army or yard sale it or give it away.

Each time, he tells me things like, "let's not get rid of that, we might use it during the holidays." Or, "hey, don't you think the boys would like to use that for dress up?"

He's creative and has great ideas. Lots of ideas. But not lots of time. And in the end, we still have lots of STUFF sitting around.

This is probably one of the bigger stretches for him in life. To purge on this sort of level.

I will say that we have fought about this a little too much. I of course, being the "Yardsale Nazi", and him as the, "Remember When... Nostagalgist." In the end, we have been trying to find the middle ground (who knows what that would be called!).

I must admit that he is doing much better then when we started out. I am proud of him!

Now if only I could convince him to get rid of the.....


  1. I need a nice reading lamp.

    Do you guys have a nice reading lamp I could buy?