It's just Stuff...

We are moving from a 3 bedroom 1600 sq. foot house with storage, to a small 2 bedroom, 1000 sq. foot apartment, with very little storage. May I remind you that we have 2 young boys!!

We didn't plan it this way. Originally we planned to buy a home in North Carolina. A four bedroom home, with plenty of space. Enough space for people to visit, for our kids to run through the house and play, for breathing room. We spent an entire day looking at houses and couldn't find a good fit. And we didn't want to feel obligated to buy a house that day. It was too big of a decision, too big of a buy.

So, we decided to rent instead. We found this great complex that had a swimming pool, a work out center, a playground, etc. It came recommended by some other families that are attending the school.

We have way too much stuff to put into a small apartment, way too much. So, we are making three piles, apartment, storage, and yard sale.

The yard sale pile is becoming HUGE. Each time I put something on the pile, I feel like I have lost another pound. You know that feeling when you first start to lose weight... the first couple of pounds feel great. The next several feel even better. Soon, your pants are looser and people are starting to note your newer look. You feel somewhat embarrased and a whole lot more relieved.

That is how I am starting to feel with getting rid of all our STUFF. I feel so good to drop some of the weight of what we own. And embarrased that we own this much stuff.

Now, many people would believe that the amount of stuff that you own defines who you are. I just think that is nuts. People, you can't take it to heaven with you!

So, in a couple of days I am going to put all of our STUFF outside with tags on it. And people will come to buy our STUFF to add it to their STUFF. And hopefully, we will be able to fit the rest of our STUFF into our tiny new home in North Carolina.

Well, better get back to work.


  1. Hi- thanks for visiting my blog. I'll try to keep updated on homeschool progress. My husband and I are planning a move to NC as well! I wonder if we'll be close...
    Please feel free to email me as you progress through your move. I know what it is like to leave the 'known' for the 'unknown', no matter how excited you are, it is still unknown!
    Your blogging friend,