I read a book in less then 24 hours last week. You know it is a good one, when you read it that fast. I devoured it! My husband did too. He finished it in a mere twelve hours later - and that is super lightening fast for him.

So, what's this all about you ask? Bruchko, by Bruce Olson. What an incredible read....

A true story, that I believe is still going on, this man's heart is captured by the indigenous people of South America. His story is about coming to Jesus, in a home where he is only hurt for his beliefs, and how he pursues a missionary life, unlike ever done before.

Anything that could go wrong, does. I have lost count of how many times he should have died and quite literally almost did. As I was reading the book, I had to remind myself that this was true and not a fictional story.

Another thing that I was convicted on was his true abandonment for the Lord. He was honestly willing to give up his life to pursue what God has told him to do. Nothing was going to stop him, nothing.

Bruce Olson, has been able to go to the ends of the earth and truly turn tribes to Jesus Christ. His passion and courage is phenomal and unmatchable!

Highly recommend this book. It will inspire and convict you to the utmost!