The Day Before, the day before....

Today is the day before, the day before, my son's fourth birthday party. Tomorrow is his real birthday. I can't believe that he is really going to be four. I can't believe that four years ago, I gave birth to my very first child!

So really, tomorrow is the day before his birthday party. But did you ever realize how much work really goes into the days before the actual party???

If you plan it right, the day of the party is a breeze. All the work should be done and the fun of decorating and actually having the party is what is left! The actual day of the party is worth all the hard work you put into it.

My son is a really good kid. He is thankful and so appreciative. He does require a lot of stuff. He requires a lot of attention, but that is a given for almost any 4 year old. Last year, after his 3rd birthday party, right as he was going to bed, he turned to me and said, "that was the best party ever! Thank you mommy." You know, he never was prompted for that. Daddy didn't whisper into his ear, "make sure you thank mommy." No, he was sincerly thankful.

To me, it was worth every drop of sweat, time and money! It was worth it.

We don't really honor, our son in other ways. Christmas time, they get tons of gifts from family, etc. And that day is a time to celebrate Jesus. The rest of the year, we've tried hard not to lavish him with gifts or extras. We want him to be thankful for the little things in life.

And this year, we only got him two simple gifts. A book and a hot wheels track. Less then $20.00 for the both.

What I have learned about him, is that it isn't the gifts themselves that he adores so much. But the time and effort that you give him. That is what he appreciates the most. He just wants to be with you.

The day after tomorrow, he will love every minute of the party. He will adore having his friends over, playing at the different stations we have created. He'll laugh alot with his grandparents and uncles and aunts. He'll eat up every crumb of his piece of his birthday cake!

And I will sit back and watch my four year old and know that I have filled his love tank to overflowing, by just throwing him a fun birthday party.

Now that is worth it all.