1 Month

Dear Simon,

It's hard to believe that almost a whole month has past by already. In an instant you have brought an amazing amount of joy to our family.

Daddy melts into a puddle when he holds you, snuggling up every ounce of you that he can. Elijah, your oldest brother is delighted when we ask him to hold you. He sits there strong and mightily and holds you in his arms, patting your back and sometimes singing to you. I, of course, am beyond thrilled to snuggle with you, as you are an answer to the desires of my heart, another child to call mine.

You, my dear Simon, are one loved little boy!

Your name means "He has heard." I can't help but think that through your birth, a new season in our lives has come to us. A season with a deeper knowing, that our prayers are heard and answered. Our Lord hears us Simon, He hears us!

He has heard me. My heart is full of joy, as I thank my Creator, for giving me you. This month has been such a wonderful time, holding you, loving you, and enjoying you.

Happy 1rst month, my sweet Simon!