Here Comes the Bride

Out of all the days of the year to have something really truly happen, one of the sweet girls who lives with us, Rachael and her boyfriend, David, got engaged yesterday on April Fools Day! But it's true! She said yes!

Rach has decided to stay in North Carolina for her wedding. And to make things just a little fun and crazy, they have set their date for August 1! this year....

So the count down is on, 4 months or really 122 days from TODAY, until they say I do.

Can you hear my brain thinking .... bridal showers, wedding gown, her family visiting, oh my! This house will be full of wedding bells, crisp whites, and flowers, and oh my goodness..... too much to think about at once.



  1. All I can think is that you are such an awesome "mom" to everyone who comes in contact with you. It's that whole Sarah annointing. Has anyone ever told you that before?