Funny Little Award

Mom on a Mission, bestowed this cute little award to me the other day. Can I tell you, for a quick moment, what I am thankful for here??

God has been teaching me so much about friendship and what it looks like. He gave me the most intense relationships back in PA. So much so, that I can call on my friends, whom I haven't talked to in months, and pick up where I have left off.

Part of what God is teaching me is that friends come in all different ages, stages, and now countries in life!! He is shifting my mind set of what friendships used to look like to me, to a whole new world.

Sometimes, that takes some getting used too. And sometimes it just doesn't! I met Mom on A Mission during my trip to Mexico. I immediately connected with her, because she was a mom with two young kids, AND pregnant, living the life that I hope we will be doing in the near future! Of course anytime you go on a missions trip and connect with people, there is always that chance that you won't keep in touch.

As God would have it, Mom on a Mission, blogs! And I check or read her blog DAILY, sometimes, more then once. I love reading about her kids, how goose eggs can appear on foreheads, or dogs eating children's bicycles. I love to hear about the team down there and what they are accomplishing. It blesses my heart to see how they are as a normal family on the missions field.

Val, you and your family inspire me and encourage me that we too can do this family missions thing, someday. I am blessed by your friendship!

Of course, I get to pass this one on. And I could hand it out to about 6 of you, easily. But here is what my heart wants to do.... The Thrills of Being a New Mom.... I love you both in and out of the blog world! And I just wanted to bless you with this funny little award! Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful Friendships!!!

  2. YAY! Thank you for all of your kind words. I'm also glad that God is renewing your mind on friendships. I know that He's had to renew mine, too. He's so great like that!

    Love ya ~ Val