Sharing about Mexico, part 1

How do I even begin to explain the work that God has done in my heart? How can I put into words the things that I experienced, the miracles I have seen, the desires in my heart for more? It seems overwhelming to me.

So, I decided to share with you what I wrote in my journal towards the end of my time there. As time moves on and God settles my brain, I will write and share more. In the meantime, here are some pics and a journal entry!

"I'm nearing the end of the week. As things end, I'm feeling a bit reflective. I'm so passionate in my pursuit of Him. I'm dissatisfied with what little I do have in God. I want more. I want more!"

"This week, my ears were turned up. My inner vision was brighter. Finally I could hear Him better again. Better then ever before."

"I feel more refreshed in Him. Not fully overflowing, but more then before I came here."

"I really enjoyed talking with Valerie again today. We are very much on the same page, in alot of ways. It is good to talk with her about kids, doctors, and normal life!"

"I've loved my quiet time down here. I've felt very purposeful in not being a mom or an extra helper. But to take this time as my time to spend with God and rest."

"When I return home, I want to worship and pray more. I want to read the New Testament from beginning to end again. I want to worship with the kids more often. I want to read more and watch tv less. I don't want to be around lots of people right now. I just want to savor God."


  1. Amen! I want those things too. God has been speaking those exact things into my heart. Especially, the worship with the kids more. So, amen, sister!!

  2. My desire for more of Him is increasing too. I am with you I hardly watch TV any more and I just want to know more about Him and where He is. Your trip is spurring something inside of me on. Thank you, Thank you. I can't wait till my husband comes back from the underground church in Asia. Something new Lord, I want all you got.:)

  3. Thank you for sharing some of your journal and journey with us.

    Awesome and inspirational.

  4. Hey Chicky ~ I'm so glad that your heart was very impacted! I look forward to reading more insight about your experience down here and all of the other things that are going on in your life. We hope that you and your entire family can come & visit us sometime!!!

    ~ V

  5. That's some pretty awesome stuff!

  6. Great reflection on your experience.

  7. Love it - just when I think On Fire is about the most ON FIRE gal I know, you go to Mexico and come back MORE ON FIRE :)

    This is great and I'm looking forward to reading more.