Learning as We Go Along...

It's a long story as to why, how, and when this all happened, but CJ and I closed down our hispanic childrens ministry at the end of the year. We handed it over to a more hispanic church, giving the opportunity for the children involved to get planted in a church more catered for them.

As we closed that particular chapter in our lives, our school of ministry, began talking with us about a new childrens ministry in another run down, low income, gang related area. At first, CJ and I were feeling worn out. Truthfully, our hearts have not always been for childrens ministries, but for adults. Mine in particular is for women. And yet, the more we prayed and talked about it, the more we began to see this as yet another way to grow and learn. (I am convinced that God is using us in childrens ministry because kids are easier then adults.)

Since we've never started a kids bible club up on our own, we requested a more experienced leader to help us along the way and direct us. What I love about all of this, is that I am not the one who is in school and yet, I am certainly learning ALOT!!! Because I am not in school and not working (at least in the worlds terms), I have had a lot of opportunity to work on the start up end of all of this.

I've prayer walked, met kids, sought out the best site for our club, met with some of the people who work in that area, and in general have gotten a flavor for what God wants us to do there. The woman who is leading this with us, has taught me much, showing me structure and boldness. Its neat, for me, to see how she has done things in the past and how we too can tweak or change things.

Today was the first day of our new kids bible club, LifeSavers! Only 7 kids came, however we had about 12 other church kids there. We believe that more will come as we continue on. CJ and I, tried our hand at a new thing: puppeteering! We found ourselves amusing, and it seems as though the other kids thought we were humorous too. The kids sang some fun worship songs, had their faces painted, made yummy cupcake snowmen, and got to know us.

I was particularly amazed as one of the girls there wanted me to sit next to her. She came up to me and hugged me several times. I just met her today.... "Let the little children come to Me." That's what I am reminded of.

Overall, I was thankful for what God did today. Even if we made one childs day a bit better, it was worth it all.


  1. That sounds like a very exciting opportunity. I hope you continue to let us know how it grows and changes.

  2. That's wonderful. The Lord is taking me on a similar journey ,only difference my direct calling is kids:)I laid down an area in children's ministry at CCC and was really asking God what to do. He has quickly taken me into the Special Needs Children's ministry. I have a passion but need more of the know how and experience. It is encouraging to see you guys stepping out and trusting the Lord in this area because it gives me a Holy Spirit boost to do the same.
    Awesome stuff I will be praying for more outpouring on your family!!!

  3. Congrats!
    Let the little children come indeed.