My Morning

(As part of homeschooling, I have been having EJ dictate to me in a journal once or twice a week. I purposefully ask questions and draw things out of him so that he can "write" his story, letter, etc. This is his story of our events this morning.)

When I woke up, mommy told me that I was going to get a check up and a shot. She did not know that I would get FIVE shots. It was not a fun morning.

We went to the doctors office. First they weighed me and checked how tall I was. I was 40 lbs and 42 1/2 inches tall. I was like, "WOW!" I was amazed at how tall I am and how much I weigh. Then they took me into the room. It had pictures of stuffed animals. Next they checked my ears by doing a "beep, beep" contest. They checked my eyes by me looking at the shapes. I got them all right.

Then the doctor came, when the nurse was all done. The doctor was a girl. There were two doctors. When they came in I was amazed, "why were there two doctors?" The doctor made me do a couple of hard things. But I was okay doing them.

She listened to my heart. She looked at my ears, my mouth, and my eyes. And she asked me a couple of questions. Like, "Can you tell me what shape or letter this is? Can you walk on your tippy toes?"

The last thing that happened at the doctors was a different nurse came into my room. First she checked my blood by pricking my finger. Then she gave my FIVE shots.
I did not like getting the shots. It made me cry a lot, kinda. I don't think I was very brave.

At the end of the doctors visit I got a lollipop and a sticker. That made me feel really super duper happy! Z got the same thing I got, too! Z liked his lollipop.

And that was my trip to the doctors office.


  1. fun idea.. having your son dictate to you....i wanna try....

  2. What a sweet way to tell the story. I always wonder how scared or confused kids are at the doctor's.

    5 shots!! My goodness!

  3. This was excellent. He's really a great writer.

  4. It's so nice to read your own son's journal. One day, I hope I get to ask that from my child too =)

  5. That is so precious! I love when they tell stories like that - and to hear their perspective. Such grown up thoughts he has!!!