A Riddle For You

What's does a 103 degree day, a broken air conditioner, water dripping from the ceiling and friends scheduled to visit within 36 hours make this mama feel like today??

a. hot and sticky
b. crabby
c. thankful that we rent
d. prayerful that it will be resolved immediately
e. all of the above


  1. I hear you! I was there (except I didn't have water dripping from the ceiling) just a few weeks ago. Actually, the a/c is only totally fixed as of Tuesday. But they did get it functioning within a couple days.

    Much luck!

  2. Oh wow! You poor thing. And at the hottest time we've had in a LONG time. I'm praying that it will be fixed soon for you!

  3. OMIGOSH! I've been here in this very spot 3 times this summer! I feel your pain. And I'm glad for your sake that you are renting too :)

    Enjoy your company, try to get cooled off and have fun. Drink lots of iced tea - decaf!