Becoming Jane

I don't care what the critics have to say, I LOVED this movie.

Anne Hathaway is just so beautiful. And watching her write made me daydream about my own writings.

Of course, James McAvoy was just fine! (wink, wink)

Costuming was gorgeous and really the movie made me long for the simplicity of this era.

Personally, I think Anne Hathaway is one of the neatest actresses out there. She admits she is not a good "star" in Hollywood because she doesn't really do anything gossip worthy!!

I went with two other girls. We were the last ones out and all three of us were crying. Yea, it was a good one! I highly recommend it.


  1. becoming jane. i'll have to remember that. i wonder if my husband would see it? he liked pride and prejudice...

  2. Anne Hathaway is one of my favorites too! I love The Princess Dairies and The Devil Wears Prada. Can't wait to see this movie!