Treasures in My Heart From Our Weekend Camping Trip to Chimney Rock

Putting tents up in the pouring rain
Taking the boys wading in a river for the first time
Sleeping in the tent, all four of us
Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire
Yummy homemade treats made by our Holland friend
Watching my boys play in dirt
Not fretting about how dirty we all were
Waking up in the middle of the night with Z next to me
Praise and worship music drifting out from our car stereo
Praying with the neighbors beside us
Looking down over Chimney Rock
Hiking Hickory Nut trail
Listening to the two students who went with us laugh all night long
Watching my boys laugh in the water falls
Capturing the beauty of mist and clouds at the falls
Picnicking half way thru our hike
Smelling the woods
Eating our very first banana split with the boys
Having pizza, overlooking Lake Lure
Driving the winding roads up through the mountains
Watching EJ make friends with all the kids at the camp ground
No tv's, computers, or phones
Finding a washer, dryer, and detergent
Campfire questions
Clean air
Laughing, lots of laughing
Sweet time with my boys

A cloudy day at Chimney Rock

Ew... Devil's Head

The river in the valley of Chimney Rock


  1. Oh I love camping! THanks for posting this, and I loved the pictures. The big rock closest to you in the camera on the bottom picture has a beautiful pattern.

  2. Those memories so make me look forward to camping again. I really enjoy camping, but at this point, I am definitely a weekend camper - that is enough time for me!