To Market...

CJ has this saying, "I want to suck the marrow out of where we are living right now, because who knows how long we will be living here!"

Now, that just brings my "want-to-see-the-world-and-experience-all-that-I-can" face to a smile, because that means he won't say no to fun little trips or experiences! And you know, I have a little list of where to go and what to do around here (at least in my head!).

One of my favorite things to do is to find neat farmers markets. Oh, I can't wait for the day that we will be in another "land" as EJ calls it and I will smell and taste and see the produce from that soil! I just love it.

Yesterday, we drove 30 minutes to Charlotte's sweet farmers market! Here are some pics. I am seriously considering blowing some of them up and framing them for my kitchen!

These were huge! Z begged and begged to try one!
Who can say no to a kid who wants a piece of fruit???

One of the students from Holland, talks about her farmers
market and the flowers, all the time. I am a total sucker for beautiful
fresh flowers. I will post another picture of the ones we bought.

Oh my, there were watermelons everywhere you turned!

It's just so pretty to me!!!

And colorful too!


  1. These pictures are gorgeous!! You absolutely should blow them up and frame them. My goodness what a great talent you have. :)

  2. I love those berries - the pic is so sumptious. YUM! I actually am with you on the Farmers' Market thing - but I'm the only one who loves them in this house, so it's rare that I make it there.

    Enjoy your fruits and veggies. Oh, and congrats on making it thru the first year :)

  3. I just have to say that those pictures are beautiful! Wow, I would so frame them in a kitchen, like you suggested!

  4. These photos are beautiful! You definitely have a knack for being creative!

  5. The kids and I just picked blackberries like yours at a nearby lake. We put a little sugar on them and LOVED them. I hope you enjoyed them also. Isn't farm fresh produce great!
    Glad you enjoyed them, and with the nice pictures you can keep on enjoying them. :)

  6. Came over to enter your contest, but I love the pictures from the market!! They make me feel like I was there!!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    These are fabulous photos--I love farmers' markets!