Fishes and Loaves

CJ and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary this past week. Since it was finals week, we chose to push off our anniversary date to Friday.

That evening we went to a dinner theatre, at a small non profit theatre called, Narroway Productions. There we were able to see the show, Fishes and Loaves. It was a show dedicated to the parables of Jesus.

Never have I seen so many of the parables acted out in such a beautiful way! We loved this show.

Dinner was served, fish, bread, and a couple other yummy treats, in the middle of the parable about how Jesus serves 5000 people fish and bread! How fun.

They portrayed several of the parables, but the one that was the most beautiful of all, was the parable of the The Prodigal Son. I literally wept as the father embraced his lost son.

It really was a lovely evening!



    It sounds like you guys had a great date.